March 2019 Favorites

Hey guys! This is kind of a new thing but I’m super excited to do it. From now on I’m going to be doing monthly favorites. This will range from skincare to restaurants. You guys will get to know me better, and if you have anything you wanted me to try (literally anything) leave a comment! BTW, this is going to mostly be California Spring Break Edition.

My first March favorite is actually a drink. I’ve been drinking Kombucha for quite some time now, and in California, I stumbled upon Holy Kombucha. If you’re an avid ‘Buch drinker like me, you’ve got to try this. The Green Apple Ginger flavor is so refreshing and I loved it so much when I was on vacation. Sadly, my Costco doesn’t carry it, but I will definitely be picking it up if I see it at Target.

So good.

My next March favorite *inhales deeply* is In-N-Out. Never in my life, have I been so excited to eat a burger. And I love burgers. It’s just the pickles and the tomatoes and the cheese and the lettuce oh. my. god. The fries were beautiful in their own way but-jesustakethewheel-those PATTIES. I got buns the first day (the butter taste was like jumping into a bed of marshmallows) but I decided to try Protein Style (no buns) the next day and I have no regrets. The lettuce was so nicely wrapped around the burger, even though it did get a little messy towards the end. I’m drooling just thinking about the smell. Anyways, my point is, if you have a chance to try In-N-Out, you go do that. And bring me some too.

BRB I have to watch an In-N-Out Mukbang now.

So I’ll try to stop talking about food now haha. Next, we have a lash serum. Listen y’all, I’ve been blessed with those stunty, short, downward pointing eyelashes since day one. I thought that this was just how I was going to live for the rest of my life. They never could hold a curl, and even when they did, it was barely noticeable. I tried the Etude House Lash Serum after reading some reviews about it and it actually worked… It really did. I’m a big skeptic but I was like heck it, it’s only six dollars. These six dollars have been working day and night to make my lashes longer, holy cow. It’s been a few weeks since I started using it, and I really see the difference. It’s crazy. Would recommend 100%. I will probably review it within the next few weeks so keep a lookout for that!

I had a quick low-quality photoshoot for you guys. Enjoy.

My fourth March Favorite is Joshua Tree. I went to California for Spring Break, and we decided to drive to this national park. Literally the best part of my trip, hands down. I love hiking and the mountains, but the desert atmosphere and rocks really hit it in the kicker for me. Quick Tip: If you stay past 4pm, parking is free. You’re welcome.

Little did you all know that your girl can also photograph landscapes. Not just products y’all. I’m multitalented.

My fifth and final March favorite is my humidifier. I went 10 days without it and I woke up every day with a dry throat. I don’t know how people are living without humidifiers in the winter. It’s quite important for keeping the skin moisturized too! So for the sake of your skin and your internal organs, try a humidifier. Link below. Not sponsored. Share this post so I can be ahaha. Side note: Make sure to wash your humidifier every day so it doesn’t grow moldy. It’s definitely tedious and awkward to wash, but it’s super important to constantly wash it and disinfect it.

She $36 but she worth it.

Thanks for reading this post! If you enjoyed it please give it a like and share it with your friends and family! Come back next week for a review of the kbeauty community’s most coveted exfoliator! ❤


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